Be the Best
You Can Be

Regain Control with the amazing benefits Shroom has to offer.

Be the Best
You Can Be

Regain Control with the Benefits of Shroom.

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Mushroom Supplements & Extracts in the UK, alcohol-free with a great taste you will love! Fast, convenient and filled with a range of amazing benefits to make you feel like your best self again

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Regain Control

At Shroom Room, we believe in empowering individuals to reclaim control over their well-being, one delicious product at a time. Join us on this journey towards balance, vitality, and the joy of living fully.

We’re dedicated to harnessing the natural goodness of mushrooms to promote health and well-being. Our mushroom extract supplements are carefully crafted to provide you with the best nature has to offer.​

Why choose

Amazing Results

Customers across the UK have attested to feeling the transformative effects of Shroom Room products within just a few days to one week. Our carefully crafted formulations are designed to deliver tangible results, providing you with the relief and vitality you deserve.

Great Taste

Say goodbye to unpleasant-tasting remedies. Shroom Room products boast an unparalleled 'sweet-like' taste experience, free from any harsh or alcoholic aftertaste. Enjoy our products straight from the bottle or mix them into your favorite beverage—either way, you'll savor every sip while reaping the benefits.

Suitable for Children

Concerned about finding a wellness solution suitable for your entire family? Look no further. Shroom Room products are meticulously crafted to be safe and effective for individuals of all ages, including children (Excluding Breathe). Prioritize the well-being of your loved ones with our trusted formulations.


Our commitment to the environment means our packaging is recyclable, reflecting our dedication to sustainability. With Shroom Room, you get effective wellness solutions that care for both you and the planet.

Don’t just take our word for it

Shroom Breath Products changed everything for me. I feel more balanced, confident, and in control of my anxiety.
- Sarah M.
Great taste, I don't need to add to water and it means I don't forget to take it. I've tried other brands, but SHroom stands out by miles. Try them! You've nothing to lose!
James W.
If I could give you 100 stars I would. I take Lions Mane every day and Chaga. No more lagging in the afternoon and I wake feeling more fresh and ready to take on the day ahead! Thank you
Emily H
PT Coach


Yes, each product is made from natural ingredients suitable for all ages. There is a sweet taste from all products so your kids will love them. This excludes BREATHE: Breathe is not suitable for young children. Please consult a health care professional before giving Breathe to children. 

The healing benefits may come from Mushrooms, but the taste does not. They’re delicious, safe, effective, and designed to enhance your well-being without compromising on flavor.

Yes, our mushroom extracts are sourced from certified organic farms and undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and quality. We’re committed to providing the best nature has to offer.

For best results, follow the recommended dosage on the product label. Our extracts are available in drop format only. We recommend taking in the morning time for best result throughout the day.  You don’t need to add to water (But the results are the same if you do). They taste so good, just take straight from the bottle. 

While mushroom extracts have been traditionally used for various health benefits, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for specific health conditions. They can provide guidance tailored to your needs.

Results can vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism and overall health condition. However, many of our customers have reported experiencing the benefits of Shroom Room products within a few days to one week of consistent use. Consistency is key to achieving optimal results, so we recommend incorporating our products into your daily routine for best outcomes.


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